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Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet the HeadHuntress

For over 20 years I have been in executive search and recruitment. Believe me when I say I am never bored. Some days I am a leader, other days I am a headshrinker and then there are my teacher days. I am heroine to many of my candidates (and I hope to my child) and other days I am a kick-ass business woman, especially to legal departments that write unreasonable contracts which put pressure on the great relationships I have with my long-term clients. What I love about what I do, what I am passionate about, is guiding people through the constantly evolving job market and enabling them to achieve personal success within their career. I have an innate ability for this… of this I am sure. I am a HeadHuntress and these are my stories, insights, and lessons.

I often ask myself how I ended up here. It’s a question I pose to all potential clients, candidates, employees, and, yes, even lovers. It is a curious and wonderful question to gain perspective on people. Sometime the most interesting part is how the question is interpreted. Does the journey start with personal choices or professional ones?

The professional path is the easier avenue for me as it is where I have made my best decisions. As for the personal—while it may be entertaining reading that I have two ex- husbands and am a middle child -- for my introduction let’s focus on business.

Many believe that what you do in life is a reflection of your greater purpose. I’ve been told I am here to teach people to accept and not fear change. That would make sense for someone who is a headhunter, recruiter, whatever term you choose. My family and friends refer to me as the Queen of Change. Change is good and I am living proof.

In Diary of a HeadHuntress, I am offering a perspective to those who are seeking change – whether moving within the corporate world, or considering other options; those who need to decide whether it’s time to say adios to the corporate track and those who need to assess whether they have the guts and stamina to be an entrepreneur. This blog will also provide an honest reality check for employers that talk about retaining top talent, but are lost about incorporating outlets for creativity and autonomy. And, there is no disguising my thoughts about managing as a single working mother. It’s all part of who I am ...and my success.

If you are looking to advance your career or just be happy in the working world, if the lottery hasn’t worked and the trust fund is still years away, stick around. I see real life at its best and worst every day- some of it is unbelievable.


Aimee Miralles said...

Karen - you are always an innovator! Best of luck in this new endeavor - I'll be reading!

Aimee Miralles
Staffing Manager
Bayer - Diabetes Care

Teressa said...

Karen - so nice to meet you! 2007 has been a year of change for me: recently single after a long marriage, recently completed grad school, moved to ATL from Michigan 4 months ago to begin a new career in recruiting for the Aerospace industry, etc. I look forward to reading more from you, "Queen of Change."


Karen Russo said...

Wow Teresa - Lot's going on in your life, but it all sounds good! Change is good and single life is a blast if you don't take it too seriously. As for the recruiting biz you just have to have fun and laugh with it everyday and you'll be fine. Brush your shoulders off when you get knocked down because everyone does, but the good ones are resilient with a capital "R".

Enjoy the holidays and all the best for you in 2008!


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