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Monday, December 17, 2007

Are you ready for a new job? Analysis: Lying about a sick day

Here is a link to the article that coincides with the video. Just posted today! Click below to read.


Jack Payne said...

Your thoughts seem to be vintage. I founded National Employment Report, way back in 1960. That was about the time when the era of the "head hunter" started. Not much has changed. As far as I can see tactics, strategy, and overall goals are very similar.

Karen Russo said...

Thanks for the response. We all know that recruiting is not rocket science. There are best practice tactics that have endured over time; yet much has changed in the industry. The goal is to do the right thing for all those involved and respect both sides of the process. Good deals will come when you do the right thing. This article touched one small area of the candidate search process. So to conclude, to say the strategy has not changed is inaccurate.

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