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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Synergistic client relationships

Does your executive recruiter have synergy with you and your organization? Do you know how crucial they are?

Recently I had a bad experience on a search and I lost my candidate interview to another firm whose resume was received first (the resume got lost in email). So after I sold my candidate and secured the interview I had to give it up to a recruiter who had NEVER met or even interviewed this candidate. I felt terrible for the client who was placed in an awkward position. “Butts in seats” recruiters are out there; they have no knowledge of a candidate’s goal alignment or competency so BUYER BEWARE: if you are getting resume pushers, maybe you should be paying 5%, not 25% - 30% fees. The larger fees should be reserved for those who take the time to investigate the historical data of a candidate, and assess the candidate’s motivations, accomplishments and competencies. Through the use of behavioral interviewing techniques, an experienced and well-trained recruiter will get a lot deeper than what is on paper. The biggest question is "who are you working with and what is their process?" In this case, the client recognized the issue, but was tied to a service agreement. I gave up the fight because the candidate needed a good job, which this one is.

What are your criteria for selecting a vendor? How do you know when you have synergy?

Synergy: a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility

With over 22 years in this business I can name many clients with whom I have synergy. Being on the same page ethically and professionally makes it easier. Understanding your clients’ business objectives and thinking in their shoes really complements the process. Of course compatibility extends to identifying with the organizational culture and having a passion for representing companies to high caliber talent. When an executive recruiter becomes a trusted advisor, she can really help to make significant positive impacts.

K. Russo Associates differentiates itself by assisting in talent acquisition and ultimately talent management by offering a macro search perspective — we are not placing a candidate for today, we are also placing them to internally fill the client’s talent pipeline with the best and to meet succession plan goals. That’s when we know we are doing it right. Our metrics speak to that.

The cost of replacing talent is about two times salary and the average person stays in a position for 19 months—yikes!!! What is your external recruiting partners’ strategy? Does it incorporate a process to ensure their referrals can meet your long–term objectives?

Here are some questions clients should be asking their executive recruiters:

  • How do you define and support succession planning?

  • How did you find your last candidate slate?

  • What did you do to source the best and the brightest for the job requirements?

  • Did you use a job board or pull a resume out of your database?

  • Did you interview the candidate for synergy between the client organization and the candidate’s long term goals?

Talent pipelining is the biggest challenge on the minds of today’s CEOs. Does your company have the right partners? Lets talk about what makes a great business partner and why. What is your executive recruitment vendor relationship like? What is important to you when you are looking to hire a staffing partner?


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